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Feasting On Waves DVDs?

I've started gathering together Christmas things for this year, and my husband is getting a very Alton Brown Christmas. He stressed really wanting the Feasting On Asphalt things. So I picked up the book today and sat down on amazon to order the DVDs. They have the first two seasons, but not the third "Feasting On Waves". After quite a bit of googling and asking a friend - I'm stuck. Do DVDs of Feasting on Waves even exist? And if so, how do I find them? Thanks!
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Saw Alton A Few Weeks Ago

In twenty-five words (or more)
I saw AB four times a few weeks ago at the food festival in NYCHe is who I think he is.
An amazingly gracious, patient and beautiful man, inside and out.
He did something for me at 11:35 this past Thursday night that made me respect him forever.
I will give details to anyone who e mail.
On Saturday, I was able to give him something, and tell him something that rendered him speechless.

Did I have a good time?

You tell me. :)

Win an awesome signed copy of Good Eats: The Early Years

Hey everyone~

I'm giving away a signed copy of Good Eats: The Early Years on my site to celebrate AB's up coming birthday.
Alton personally signed this book for to to giveaway to readers of the site.  It is nothing short of awesome because he wrote: To No one in particular. And put a big AB cartoon guy on it!